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Y’all — I am IN LOVE! Firstly, with all of my amazing readers — all week I have woken up to so many new comments, likes, and views, I really just want to say THANK YOU! I have had blogs on and off for many years in my life, but none of them have been nearly this successful. I know I am still very small on the grand scheme of things, but I’m growing and I’m loving it. So THANK YOU!

Secondly, I am in love with my Erin Condren planner. I’m busy right? And at my medical school we are given laptops and iPads as part of the curriculum — so why not just use iCal, you may ask me? That shit drives me crazy; but for the past two years I did it. I had lots of issues getting calendars to sync from one device to another, and God help me if my computer died and I left my iPad at home. (My iCal never worked well on my phone.) I know I know: first world problems. And I always knew about planners, sure; I had one in high school. It wasn’t cute though. So this new year with my onslaught of all my working out and meal prepping and general OCDness creeping in to my life, I started making excel sheets for every week. Which is fine when you’re on vacation and have time to do that mess. I start my OB/GYN rotation in a week, though, and let’s face it: those babies don’t wait to pop up until after you finish planning your week.

And then, I saw Elle Fowler’s twitter & instagram & blog posts about her planner obsession. And I became INFATUATED. I was on Erin Condren’s website, and within two hours ordered a planner, meal planning insert, bands, stickers.. I was like “THIS IS THE ANSWER!!” And then I stumbled upon the planner world on instagram — countless posts of amazing weekly layouts, SO visually appealing! I love the idea that you have your whole week sorted out and also an outlet to be creative and cute! Let’s face it, my weeks are sometimes NOT cute while in med school, but at least they look pretty written down. EC stuff takes a pretty minute to ship, since it’s personalized. I waited patiently (sort of) and ordered a million bajillion Etsy stickers to tide me over. (I’ll have to do sticker hauls separately — there’s too many!)

I do have to admit that during my first two years of med school, this would not have been quite as useful. We almost every day had lectures from 8 am to 12 pm, and there’s definitely not enough room to write down the names of every lecture. My days were very monotonous then. But now on clinical rotations, I do something different almost every day, and definitely every week. So far it has been an amazing and SUPER FUN tool to keep my crazy life somewhat together.

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Do you have a planner? What are your favorite Etsy stores I should check out for stickers?
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