review: plated

e-uZUhDpPlated is a subscription service (yes, I am addicted to those) but it’s a little different — it’s for FOOD! That’s right! They deliver all the fresh ingredients for amazing meals to your door for you to quickly prepare. I found a promo on Facebook a few months ago and tried one order and I LOVED it! The only reason I didn’t stay subscribed was because it is a little bit of a splurge. More recently, for Christmas my boyfriend and I received a gift card. So we have been treating ourselves to delish meals every once in a while!

The meals we have tried (and loved) so far are Pork Burgers with Brussels Sprouts salad and Steak Gyros. What’s even better is that once you receive the ingredients, they can hang out in the fridge for a couple days so you can make them when it’s convenient for you! Right now we have Tomato Braised Chicken ready to rock in our fridge. Pretty exciting! And so far our meals have only taken 20-30 minutes to prepare, which is really good for when we’re super busy.

Everything plated sends is fresh and organic, too, so you can count on it being healthy! They have vegetarian and gluten free menus as well. For two free plates on, go here, and enjoy!

pinterest find: baking hard “boiled” eggs

When meal prepping for the week ahead, sometimes it involves boiling a TON of hard boiled eggs. I stumbled across a tip on Pinterest that I had to try — BAKING your hard boiled eggs! Why bother, you may ask? Well, this tip guaranteed no broken eggs. When I boil about a dozen eggs I usually end up with two or three broken, no matter what I try! I’m also ridiculously bad at peeling eggs, so if this made it easier, I thought, why not try it?

Verdict: pinterest fail

This took way longer than boiling eggs, and I still ended up with broken ones! They weren’t easier to peel at all. And it took about 45 minutes — yes I could do other things while they baked, but still. I think I’ll stick to my traditional boiling.

Have you ever tried this before? What are some ways you know of to perfect the hard boiled egg?

christmas peppermint cookies!


unfortunately i don’t have time to bake very often — this weekend though i found time to make these delicious sugar cookies with peppermint kisses on top! they were festive and a huge hit at the family christmas party this year.

the recipe is from¬†Sallys Baking Addiction! such great instructions which include a chocolate version too — yumm!

what’s your favorite kind of christmas cookie?