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I am a bit obsessed with my dog — he makes my world go round! He is almost 4 years old. He knew “party” tricks already, but he always struggled with pulling too much on walks, jumping on people, and being rude to other dogs. Since the third year of medical school lends itself to more free time (in certain blocks, that is) I decided that I would take my pup to a Beginner’s Obedience Class! So we enrolled over at Petsmart.

I have to say, I have LOVED going! Maverick and I both have learned so much in just six weeks. He no longer pulls on walks! He still can be rude to other dogs, but mainly I have learned so many tips & tricks on how to fix that. In the class you also learn sit, “watch me”, down, stay, leave it, drop it, and shake.

Overall it was an amazing experience, and I’m planning on taking Maverick back to intermediate and advance classes! As well as learning more tricks at home. I felt like going to a class for socialization was well worth it; that’s just something I struggle with teaching him on my own.

Have you taken your dog to obedience classes before? What’d they learn? Leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “petsmart training

  1. I’ve brought my dog to training and it was such a helpful experience, especially when you are a new dog owner! We didn’t go further than puppy training, but we got great tips on how to teach the basics.


  2. I don’t have a dog right now but I grew up with a Shorthaired German Pointer and she was a handful! We enrolled her in obedience school and she was given the “Most Improved” lol! Obedience classes are great for socializing too. I absolutely love dogs but living in the city and our current lifestyles just wouldn’t be fair to the dog.


  3. Fun… too busy now for a doggie but I do so dream. I have a “kennel” in Pinterest… obsessing over German Shepherds. I have gotten a bit obsessive over alpha dogs. (A neighbor had an American Staffordshire, cousin to the pit bull, and it was actually an incredible, gentle animal that I enjoyed for 5 years until its death.) At any rate, simple “language” on managing Alpha Dogs can easily be found on the internet – simple stuff like you eating before they eat; they never go up the stairs before you, etc. Keep going… enjoy!


  4. Fellow dog nut here! I’ve taken two of my dogs to basic obedience course and it was well worth it. Now if I could find the time to take my Chiweenie, that’s exactly what he needs! He’s terrible at socialization and pulling. Since he only weighs 7.5 lbs it’s so easy to simply pick him up. It’s still embarrasing the way he reacts to other dogs – like a tiny Cujo or something!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, btw!


  5. I love my little César to bits as well! Never been to classes though. Luckily, he’s well behaved (just pulling when walking) Cute doggie!


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