dietbet results

IMG_2343This year I posted my New Years Resolutions — the vast majority of my goals were fitness related. One of which was to join a DietBet — and win! Well, I forked over $35 committing to lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. And, guess what — I did it! I had a lot of help from the Tone It Up Love Your Body series as well as the Blogilates 12 week total body makeover meal plan. I was able to lose 6.4 lbs and GAIN $11.31! Pretty amazing right? There were definitely times where I was kept strong/motivated to not cheat because I had committed this money. No one likes to lose money, and so it was the perfect motivator. If you need a little extra motivation in your weight loss journey, try a DietBet! I’ll definitely keep y’all posted as I wrap up the Love Your Body series and set new fitness goals.

How do you stay motivated to lose weight or work out?
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4 thoughts on “dietbet results

  1. I’m so intrigued by diet bets, but losing 4% body weight sounds like a huge deal when I’m not really overweight to begin with, just could stand to lose a few lbs. :\ Congrats on winning! Can I ask how tall you are?


  2. I wanna try something like this but I have an endocrine issue (my doctor tested me for it and I take meds) so I don’t know if forking money over will really help me any more than just trying to do this on my own.
    This really does seem like a good motivator for those who can more easily lose weight though!


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