reflections on rotations: radiology

Radiology: This rotation is a two week elective I chose out of a line up of other electives. Radiology has been something I’ve always been somewhat interested in, especially since anatomy was my favorite subject of the first two years.

The people: I loved pretty much everyone I worked with in the radiology department at my school. Everyone was very laid back and very kind. The residents all seemingly got along well. The faculty were eager to teach me and happy to have me following for the day. I never got fussed at once. There was no yelling. It was phenomenal!

The patients: The only patients we really interacted with were those getting swallow studies or the like. During my first two years of med school I always assumed I would really miss patient contact — but I honestly didn’t miss it all that much. I think it has to do with our patient population being ambivalent towards their healthcare (which really bugs me, sorry). Also I didn’t know there were subspecialties of radiology which involved more patient contact (IR, breast imaging) if I up and get lonely during a residency.

The workload: This was very reasonable, which I loved. Growing up I think I always assumed I’d be okay working my ass off and would just make the most of it. After my 6 week surgery rotation I realized I don’t function super well while working my ass off. And I know some radiologists work their asses off too — but I guess I was just enjoying myself more on this rotation. (See: lack of yelling.)

The exam: Our school had an exam specific for the lectures given to me by the faculty, so I have no advice really. I think at most schools electives don’t have any exams, but what do I know? Not a lot.

Would I do this when I grow up? Heck yes! I loved this rotation the most out of all of mine so far. Even subjects that weren’t my favorite during the first two years (i.e., MSK), I still loved the days I was reading exams with them. Radiology is right now #1 in my spot of specialties I enjoy and would chose to practice!

Have you rotated through radiology? Were your experiences similar, or different?

3 thoughts on “reflections on rotations: radiology

  1. Funny you should post this today! I’m in the middle of a career dilemma (I currently work in admin). I’m wanting to start studying part time to be able to apply to uni to do Radiography.

    I spent 4 years working in a Radiology dept as a teenager as my mum is a super passionate radiographer and was manager there. It was the most interesting job I’ve ever had! I love the satisfaction of getting somebody’s positioning right and exposing to get that perfect image. It’s a real art!



  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I think Radiology is a fantastic specialty. You need to be pretty bright for it and your anatomy needs to be great, which is unfortunately not the case for me. If you can do it, and you love it, then I highly recommend it!
    Some people flourish in high-stress environments with long hours, others don’t – it’s all good! I don’t particularly like working my bum off either!


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