“sample”y crazy?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.53.11 AMI can’t be the only one completely overwhelmed by samples — can I? Between Birchbox and free samples with every Sephora purchase (not to mention the makeup bags full of samples they do sometimes .. I sure am a sucker for those), I have a BAJILLION samples of products. I need to start finding a way to integrate them into my skin care routine! Perhaps some OCD organization is in order. Right now, they are all just randomly shuffled together, and just continue to pile up.

As a random resolution (I missed New Years with this one) I’d like to make it a point to organize all my samples and begin incorporating them into my skincare routine on a more regular basis. By doing this, I aspire to be able to write more reviews on products! (I’m still moisturizer searching, don’t worry — all y’all’s help has not gone un-noticed!)

How do you incorporate samples into your skincare routine?? Does your skin ever give you trouble because of them? I wanna hear in the comments below!

10 thoughts on ““sample”y crazy?!

  1. Ive got a huge collection of samples myself, and skincare samples are always the hardest for me! I feel you need more than a sample size to really know if it will work, plus I can be wary about trying to many different products in too short of a time span! Typically I throw them in my overnight travel kit or gym bag, although I have been known to give them out in the greeting cards I send to friends =)

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  2. I have so many samples too, and I’ve recently started making an effort to use them up. I always take them with me on short trips, and keep useful ones in my gym bag. I put together birch boxes for my sisters full of samples I think they would enjoy. Lastly, I make a point to pull out a few samples each week to try. Often times a sample is not enough to know if you love/need a project, but it is enough to know if you don’t like a product, so it’s a great way to test things before buying full size!

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  3. I love samples, I live off them!
    I just stack them by my full items I’m curently using(eye samples by eye care items) and I use either when I run out of the full item, or just when I feel I want something new.
    For my eye skin care I just used samples lately, because I’m not decided what to get next.


  4. I usually shove the samples I do not want to try immediately in container and end up never trying them haha. My skin is really sensitive so if I want to try out a face product, I’ll just try it out in a small area on my face. That way if I don’t like it or my skin has a weird reaction I don’t have to worry about my entire face doing the same.


  5. I have so many, I really need to go through all of them. All tons of perfume samples that I should probably either toss or give them to my friends and family.


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