quest: the perfect moisturizer

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.56.06 PMOkay y’all — first and foremost… Sorry for slight absence the rest of the week! I’m wrapping up a rotation right now. But I’ve been reading blogs and trying to keep active on my fitness instagram.. Follow that here!


But I am now asking for y’all’s help… I am on a quest for the PERFECT facial moisturizer! The main rule is that it won’t break the bank. I have oily skin that can break out in times of stress, etc.

So I’m asking y’all — what’s your favorite facial moisturizer? Do you use it in conjunction with the brands face wash & toner as well? If you have a beauty blog especially, I’m interested in any skincare routine posts you may have. Just link below. If I fall in love, I will most definitely do a review of the ones I try and link out credit, of course! ❤

Thanks in advance for all y’all’s help!

8 thoughts on “quest: the perfect moisturizer

  1. Hi, I work for a company called Thalgo. It’s a marine based skin care brand and I’m a trainer for the company. I would recommend foaming marine cleanser as your face wash and ultra Matt fluid as your moisturiser. The wash is very popular and leaves the skin fresh and clean while the moisturiser delivers hydration without feeling greasy and has oil blotting powders to keep the skin Matt. Visit


  2. I’m on mobile so I can’t link but my HOLY GRAIL moisturizers (recd by my derm) are Cerave am and pm. I have a few posts on skincare on my blog. I’m not oily, though. But I feel that they’d work for anybody. They are cheap and contain loads of good ingredients. I am extremely acne prone and they don’t even flirt with breaking me out. I use cetaphil face wash in the morning and a special bar to clear up acne scarring at night (PCA pigment bar). Cetaphil was also recd by my derm. My skincare routine is super cheap and can be found at any drugstore. Hope this helps! 🙂


  3. I used to think that I had to use an entire lines regimen but have learned that you can piece together your own regimen from brands/lines you trust. I use Cleansing Milk by Bliss for my cleanser, Multi-Active Toner by Dermalogical and First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream and eye cream. I also have combination oily skin that is prone to breakouts and tend to be in the sensitive side as well. None of these products break the bank (that’s something important to me too). Hope this helps!


  4. Oh my. There is a pretty good list of products going here and I would hate to confuse you but I will share one more beauty treasure. It is called Nerium. I have oily skin too so I really need moisture but something not too heavy. Nerium offers a night and day cream and also a body cream that tones the skin. But going back to the face creams, they not only moisturize but repair dark spots,acne,etc. I highly recommend researching it, test it and see if it is for you. Here is the company’s website:
    Good luck with the quest and Med school. I have friends in med school…you guys are awesome.😊


  5. Have you ever considered a natural organic skincare products ?

    If yes, I would recommend the brand called “Cowshed”.

    It’s a British brand and the products are made in England. The brand uses natural botanical from sustainable resources containing the highest quality essential oils.

    No Parabens, No Petrochemicals, No Sulphates, No Animal Ingredients (apart from a little organic beeswax and wildflower honey), No Artificial Fragrancing or Colours and No Animal Testing.

    You can first test and try the “Cowshed Skincare Starter Kit” including 4 essential skincares – Gentle Cleanser, Refreshing Toner, Daily Moisturiser and Natural Lip Balm.

    Check it out :

    I hope you like it. Thank you.


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