must read for medical students

Why Rude Doctors Make Bad Doctors


The surgical scene described in this article is identical to many I experienced during my six weeks of surgery clerkship. It was ultimately part of my decision to decide against surgery as a career, in fact. Have you experienced similar bullying? Or is it less widespread than my cynical self believes?

One thought on “must read for medical students

  1. After four years of medical school and another 7 years of post-graduate training in surgery/fellowship, I never, repeat NEVER witnessed any bullying such as what what described in that article. It just didn’t happen in any of the programs affiliated with my medical school, my away rotations and my residency program. Was my surgical rotation tough? Yes, it was tough but that was the challenge. My surgical rotation (on the trauma service) was physically and mentally demanding. Was surgical residency and fellowship tough? Yes, it was because I always strive to be the best physician/surgeon that I can be. I demand 100% from myself and always want the best for my patients. I never let my like (or dislike) for a particular attending physician/professor “color” my like (or dislike) for any subject matter of medicine. Today, as an attending physician/surgeon, I teach when I find a trainee lacking in some skill. My procedural/administrative discussions take place outside of the patient care areas with the personnel that are directly involved and never in front of a patient (anesthetized or not). Good manners in all situations, not just in medicine/surgery go a long way. I must say that I never lack for people who want to receive my teaching. While I do encounter a lack of preparation on the part of some trainees when they enter the operating room, it’s their loss in terms of getting the best experience and they usually come prepared the next time.


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