bareminerals: blush & eyeshadow sets




For my Family Christmas, my cousins and I always do a really fun gift exchange. The limit is always $30. I really got away with some amazing stuff this year, so I thought I would share! Somehow one of my cousins made out with these two kits from Ulta’s Black Friday sale — one a blush kit, complete with mineral blush and a blush brush, and another an eyeshadow kit, with two eye shadows and an eyeshadow brush. What a steal at only $10 each! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these kits online for sale anymore. However, I can say that if you’re considering purchasing these separately — GO for it! I’ve always loved BareMinerals, and these products did not disappoint. The eyeshadows were neutral enough for me to wear to work but I also could have layered on more of the darker shade for a night out.

Shown above are:

  • Blush: Strawberry Cream
  • Blush brush: Feather Light
  • Light eyeshadow: Toffee (PERFECT amount of sparkle for the holidays!)
  • Dark eyeshadow: Creme brûlée
  • Eyeshadow brush: Eye Defining

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